Sunday, 15 June 2014

The day before

So here we are on the cusp of something epic.

The drive down was lovely, which has set expectations for an easy day tomorrow. We got to our accommodation in a little village which is busier than I thought. Pretty little place called Sennen.

We ventured for a little walk to the end. That is lands end. Ironically I could see some land after lands end.

Lands end was not quite what I expected. It has its own 4d cinema. Just what Cornwall needed, past the Brian blessad experience, the end to enders museum we found a lifeboat, got a little excited cause we thought we could climb over it. Alas it was securely fenced off with red and white plastic tape. No way we could get through that.

Around the corner was the second famous post at lands end. The most famous post at lands end had been removed as a Cornish entrepreneur had taken it home and returns daily. For the tune of 12 quid you can get your photo next to that. So we got our photo on the free one,

We topped off the day with a pint of Cornish lager at the lands end, where signs a plenty points d out that there was no room for evening meal. There must have been a coach party due cause there was bugger all people in the place, so we had Cornish pasty flavour crisps and mustered back.

Chippy for tea which was nice. Rumours that you can't get sauce in the south are exaggerated as fine curry sauce was sourced.

Day 0
Miles today 0
Total miles 0
Local ales sampled 2 (doombar and Cornish lager)

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