Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 8 dumfries to ardrossan

After being buoyed by the arrival of the Findlay girls, the team felt ready for the off. Breakfast was a doozy, with the best tasting porridge yet.

Sunday in Dumfries was a sombre experience. We scoured looking for an open shop to get us through the first 40 miles. Should point out the night before was parade day and hence why the place was so quiet.

Weather was spot on and the countryside over those 40 miles was pretty spectacular. Hill after hill was reached with the general feeling that they were gentler than we had encountered. Got to a useful public convenience in the middle of nowhere to receive a call that a professional physio had been located and was willing to come out and tend to Tom's ailments.

Much jibes were voiced about the difference between a professional physio and a professional masusse. Indeed another 40 miles of jibes. Nonetheless Tom was primed to get 7 shades knocked out of him to try and relieve some of the immense pain he had been through for the last 200 miles.

Got through the hills and found ourselves on Britain's worst road A713 through to Ayr. A right boneshaker through dalmellington and into Patna.

It was indeed at Patna that we saw today's first random act of kindness. When the boy Graham and the boy Glen appeared to egg us on with hugs, love and words of encouragement,. The lads were indeed impressed with our feat and really did struggle to comprehend that we'd not taken the train at any point. Great to see the lads.

After our wee chat we moved on with Tom having a bit of a headstart. We passed through alloway, past rabbie's cottage (he wasn't in), through Ayr, Prestwick, into Troon and past the old school. Into Irvine, where this young blogger hailed from, before meeting a most remarkable old boy outside Kilwinning. Kilwinning isn't known for remarkable old vboys so you'll see why this if particular interest. The gentleman was cycling through after some 2700 km on the bike over 43 days. We talked for some time before wishing him well and feeling our achievements were small in comparison.

We reached tonights accommodation in good fettle and only 45 minutes left for tea.

Our final random act of kindness came from a visit from Shug, who bought us a beer and raised our spirits.

Before beddy byes we were entertained by the 50 inch tele, Ian attempting tom's exercises and a house fire further down the road.

Day 8 facts

Day 8 mileage 80
Total mileage 637
Random acts of kindness 2
Number of hills pushed today 0
Number of dwellings on fire 1

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