Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 7 Kendall to Dumfries

A big day today. Our highest climb, and monumentally we would reach Scotland.

Breakfast was scoffed, with another kind donation from the b&b which showed promise of another day of random acts of kindness.

Set off well. If a little late. Truth be told, each day we are a little later each time.

A couple of miles out of Kendal, in the direction of Shap, before another mechanical problem, which set our rider back to kendal for repairs. As the others both set on the climb over Shap fell. Some blisteringly stunning scenery as we climbed to the summit and a nice downhill section pretty much through into Shap.

The A6 was quiet enough for us to make decision to keep on this to Penrith where we stopped for lunch and our friend with mechanical problems caught. Reunited we joined the C2C route and encountered our first puncture of the trip, a speedy repair was made and ready to go., the route followed the rather busy C2c route encounting many coast2coasters as we headed for Carlisle.

Reaching Carlisle we detected our proximity to the border and pushed on to Gretna. Surreal bit of cycling alongside the A74, by Metal Bridge, before finally arriving into Gretna.

The route undulated towards Annan where we were met by the Findlay girls and a rendition of Spandau Ballets Gold. Great to see them and really boosted our spirits.

We were helped with some of our luggage as we looked to rebalance our weight before heading to Dumfries. Again the direct route.

Day 7 facts

Day 7 mileage 85
Total mileage
Random acts of kindness 3
Number of hills pushed up 0
Number of people Tom saw wearing a kilt 1

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