Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 2 bodmin to tiverton (just past it)

Epic day today. Epic miles, epic hills, epic hedges.

Yes for Cornwall sites were indeed hampered by the famous tall hedges. Mile upon mile.

Land it is today we said good bye to Cornwall and hello to Devon. Just before we passed there was a flat bed truck, and I'm not going to stereotype but the registration was P1 KEE. Oh how I laughed

Apart from the hills there was a good section along the granite way into Okehampton, skirting around Dartmoor. Some pretty views.

Weather was pretty amazing today with a break from the temperature highs of yesterday. The lovely Carol from BBC weather tells me that tomorrow is going to be hot.

Day 2 facts

Mileage today 78.5
Total mileage 149.5
Hills pushed up 3
Hills Tom's pushed up 0
Streams traversed 2

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