Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 1 lands end to bodmin

Day 1 started with some fine fair at our b&b in Sennen before freewheeling to the start.

As you would expect there were quite a few others embarking today, and although you may think I am to generalise, but they were all tossers. There was team mamils that muscled in on the photograph with calls off "who's got the most expensive bike." There was the supported ride with team Canada who really should have worn a supportive bra at the end of land

So we got some photos and off we went. Mile 1.5 hit our first Holland up later still hitting them. Lovely countryside. Penzance was lovely with St Michael's mount ( although nowhere as awesome as St mont Michel). We reached Penzance which is about 10 miles in and the team mamil were having a cup of tea in their support transit van. Team Canada were coincidentally ambeling along 10miles in and still no supportive under garments.

As there is no official route we never met them again. Who knows if our paths will cross in the remaining days. Let's hope not.

So our route ambled from Penzance, hayle (where they sell in bru) redruth, Truro, and eventually Bodmin.

We now venture for food

Day1 done

Day1 mileage 71
Total mileage 71
Total number if hills pushed up 3
Pieces if Toblerone walloped before my tea 6

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