Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 5 Ludlow to Northwich ( well Acton Bridge)

We awoke to blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures today. Setting up the bikes was an effort in itself. Fortunately after setting off cloud cover set in. Meaning a rather cooler 30 miles. Nice change.

With not many towns on our route today we were loaded up with provisions and water.

Passed through some pleasant green Shropshire countryside as we crawled north. And was making good time until 50 miles

When cycling its common to see the odd Closed Road sign. Today we saw another and did the same as we did with the previous. Ignored,

Alas after 5 miles we found a jobsworth man in a hiviz vest, telling us there was no way through. Rather than a potential 10 mile detour we decided to go into the field, then another. After some rambling we found a gap in the fence, and a road roller driver sympathetic to our plight waved us through.

Today also came with our first bike maintenance. They've all been running well in the past days. Noticed a bit of a wobble in one of the back wheels, turned out a loose spoke and a broken nipple. Nothing major. Duck tape to rescue and soldiered on.

Got to Nantwich and went past a bike shop where the guy said he could fix, would take 3o mins, so we had an impromptu break.

All resolved and bikes running well. Reached our accommodation, and the lovely owners dropped us off at the pub and picked us up. Priceless.

Day 5 stats

Day 5 miles 84
Total miles 385.5
Number of hills pushed up today 2
Number of fields carried bikes through 2

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