Monday, 22 April 2013

a long ride for mediocre Fish and Chips

Ok so the training rides have started.

I call them training rides, previously they were called "big bike rides". I feel that i now have a goal in mind, they should have a more meaningful name.

So this weekend's training ride was Whitby. Whitby has nice chip shops apparently, We stopped at the Magpie it was allright!

So onto the ride

with a prevailing wind we set off and that carried us for a record pace setting, no huge hills to speak off until outside of Brid, then on to Filey and Scarborough.

Ravencar has a bit of a monster, specially cause it's pretty rough going, but the views of Robin Hoods Bay are pretty special.Worth it when you get to the top.

Round the bay and up another cinder path - I shall grow to hate this name I feel, round the corner and Whitby in site. nice long down hill to the home of Captain Cook, and chips in sight.

Aches and pains, not to bad on the legs and the tender regions. Shoulder is a bit of an ache.

I've been thinking on the value of getting a proper bike bit. I get like a pins and needles sensation in my hands as i sit on the hoods, still tingling sensation this morning, contemplating getting a proper bike fit session in somewhere to see how the bike is set up for me. Going to be spending a bit of time on it, might as well be comfy!!

Got a training session to do this week on the exercise bike, whilst watching another episode or 10 of Caprica (not that good), then another ride around the fair city of Sheffield with my other fellow prospective LeJoger. Training Ride 2

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A long time ago....

Indeed it has to start somewhere.

But where?

I guess today it starts. Today I booked the accommodation for my 3 day training ride to Edinburgh, and it then kinda dawned that there lies a longer journey to get to readiness for Lands End to John O'Groats 2014.

little steps indeed.

I have no grand schemes for this blog other than to document thoughts, plans and whatever relevant information that I may wish to record.

I see lots of blogs about training plans and what to eat and what not to eat and where your heart rate should go and the like. Hopefully this won't end up like that, but i can't guarantee.

The hardest part of a blog is starting.

Well i've started :)