Wednesday, 5 March 2014

102 days to go...

So much can happen in such a short period of time.

Well the fundraising is starting to kick in and the response has been phenomenal. At time of writing we are sitting at £715 without gift aid.


Initially we set a target of £1007 - that is the number of miles that we are set to travel, we always knew it'd be an easy target but had no idea that we would be smashing it within 2 weeks. So we've reset the bar and set ourselves a new target. Staying with the same theme £1007, but that's each! so £3021 is the target. Which by some weird coincidence is not just 3 * £1007, but also a nice little figure

3 of us doing the ride
0 support
21, Trisomy-21 is another term of Down Syndrome relating to the 3rd copy of chromosome 21

So it's almost as if 3021 is the number that we should be raising. Spooky coincidence.

As well as fundraising, which includes our rather nifty webpage -, we've sneaked a training ride in.

Last weekend was the turn to be hosted by Sheffield. which as you may not know, Sheffield is roman for "thon hilliest of places". Weather held up, and we reached Worksop and back. Worksop (or Brugge of the north as it's not called) was pretty uninspiring however the small village of Thorpe Salvin did turn our heads as there was a telephone box, that was converted into a little library. How quaint!

Good day was had, left me wondering at which point would i start to feel a benefit from the training. 102 days to go and it's not yet.

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