Tuesday, 25 February 2014

110 Days to go

110 days to go.

Then I realised I've not even talked about the who or the why

So who are the team?

Three of us in total, I've put together a little bio

Name - Tom Buil
Age - Younger than Ian
Nickname - elBuilio, Buildog, Thomaaaassssss
Bike - Genesis Croix De Fer, pimped to the max
Number of bikes currently owned - Millions
Interesting fact - In his youth Tom used to do freeriding stuff on a bike, that's when you jump crazy heights and crazy stuff, with no seatpost or saddles. Interestingly Tom now loves saddles and is on his 2nd Brookes saddle in 11 months.
Loves - his family, his daughter, his girlfriend, bikes, crazy heavy metal, milk bottle chews
Hates - track to Penistone, cycling offroad where there is a perfectly acceptable road beside it, getting punctures on Marathon pluses
Most overused phrase - Holy shit!

Name - Ian Whiteley
Age - Younger than Neil, Older than Tom
Nickname - Mr Whiteley, Whiteley
Bike - Whyte Charing Cross
Number of bikes currently owned - 2
Interesting fact - Ian has great capacity for alcohol, which is surprising considering his diminutive size. Ian also is quite the whizz at puncture repair, which is made even more remarkable considering he hadn't changed one up until 5 years ago
Loves - his newly wed wife, watching films, Stella Artois, the casino, Snickers
Hates - Ian has not got a hateful bone in his body, unless it involves rain and wind.
Most overused phrase - I need to use the facilities

Name - Neil Findlay
Age - Older than Tom, Older than Ian
Nickname - Finders
Bike - Genesis Day One
Number of bikes currently owned - 2
Interesting fact - In a previous life Neil has frequented with the stars, bringing room service to the likes of Jason Donovan, Kim Wilde and Dani Behr
Loves - the family, the bike, the Irn Bru
Hates - Hills
Most overused phrase - It's all about the comfort

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