Thursday, 20 February 2014

115 days and counting...

Various attempts at keeping a blog have indeed failed terribly. Indeed my longest record of consecutive posts seem to be 2.

Lets start again shall we.

Ok 115 days to go. We are committed. As they said in Oblivion, we are an effective team.

Training is going well with the usual commutes to work and then a big bike ride (about 50/60 miles in this crappy weather) at the weekend. When Spring ramps up this will increase. Indeed quite scarily so.

Other training, with the affectionately known Fitness Pete is going well. Going to that twice a month and looking to up that to weekly.

So today's big announcement is that the fundraising page has gone live. I've facebooked, I've linkedined, I've twittered, and now i'm blogging.

The place to be is..

Mapping wise we have a route, and that route over the 12 days look like...

Day 1 Lands End - Bodmin
Day 2 Bodmin - Tiverton
Day 3 Tiverton - Bristol
Day 4 Bristol - Ludlow
Day 5 Ludlow - Northwich
Day 6 Northwich - Kendal
Day 7 Kendal - Dumfries
Day 8 Dumfries - Ardrossan
Day 9 Ardrossan - Oban
Day 10 Oban - Drumnadrochit
Day 11 Drumnadrochit - Altnahara
Day 12 Altnahara - John O'Groats

So far we're looking at 1007 miles. Sharp intake of breath!

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