Wednesday, 12 March 2014

94 Days to go

94 days.

That's double figures.

That's like really close.

OK, blog fan(s) we have some more news for our up and coming ride. The route. The proposed route, including link to the garmin map is as follows...

Day 1 Lands End to Bodmin map
Day 2 Bodmin to Tiverton map
Day 3 Tiverton to Bristol map
Day 4 Bristol to Ludlow map
Day 5 Ludlow to Northwich map
Day 6 Northwich to Kendal map
Day 7 Kendal to Dumfries map
Day 8 Dumfries to Ardrossan map
Day 9 Ardrossan to Oban map
Day 10 Oban to Drumnadrochit map
Day 11 Drumnardochit to Altnahara map
Day 12 Altnahara to John O'Groats map

There is some "fine-tuning" going on, but that's roughly the route we are taking. How real does it become when you've got it all mapped out in front of you?

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